Oct 13

Save Money on ADHD Medication by Learning Why It’s Expensive

High Costs of ADHD Treatment – Why It’s Expensive, How Costs Can Be Reduced Saving Money on ADHD Treatment is possible. We will learn how to make ADHD treatment cheaper by understanding cost assistance mechanisms and by looking at the underlying problems that cause ADHD treatment to be so expensive. There are some very simple …

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Oct 12

Reduce Costs of ADHD Medications 600% or More By Forcing CVS & Walgreens To Fix Policies


CVS & Walgreens – Policies Costing You Serious Amounts of Money At least two of the massive corporate pharmacies have created policies that contributed to the doubling, tripling and quadrupling of ADHD treatment costs. We will illustrate a few of these policies, and how they directly increase the cost of ADHD treatment. We’ll also look …

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Oct 11

CVS & Walgreens: Quadruple Patient Costs, Hurt Environment – For Profit Only

Evil Red Pharmacies – Profit At ANY Cost   The evil red pharmacies are commonly referred to as  CVS & Walgreens. Employee websites can give an interesting view to the inner workings of these evil corporate pharmacy. They can also give prospective investors insight about the company they are considering investing in. I wouldn’t invest a …

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Oct 11

Adderall vs Ritalin – Which is Better? What are the Differences?

[dt_box]This is a box[/dt_box] [dt_toggle title="Adderall vs Ritalin - Descriptions"] [dt_divider style="thin" /] [dt_cell width="1/2"] Adderall is a product of Amphetamine salts used for ADHD or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy and is legal only in the United States and Canada.[/dt_cell] [dt_cell width="1/2"] Ritalin is the a product of Methylphenidate which is a psycho-stimulant drug approved for treatment of …

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Oct 11

ADHD Is It For Real?

Finding good reading material can be time consuming. I have located all the good ones and links to them at Amazon.com. First set of ADHD books focus on: Second set of ADHD Symptoms, ADHD Treatment related books.   Studies about ADHD, and if it affects children or stunts growth    

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May 24

Adderall: A tragically efficient study drug, miracle or tragedy?

Adderall is adored by college students, but how will history judge it? Do college students really love Adderall? Does Adderall really help them improve their grades? The answers are a clear and concise YES & YES. I decided to do some real journalism and brought a friend with me to the local college bar hangout. We went …

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Feb 05

Amazing Provigil vs Adderall for ADHD

Provigil is some pretty awesome medication for ADHD Provigil is an amazing medication but it isn’t perfect.  The problem with Provigil is that my body became immune to it very quickly. Provigil works great for the first few days. Provigil works okay for the first few weeks. Provigil loses most of its’ punch after a …

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Feb 05

ADHD Drug Equivalency Chart – Amphetamine, Methylphenidate, Provigil, & Straterra

 ADHD Medication Equivalency Chart What is the equivalent dose of Adderall 20mg? You can find some dosing schedules for ADHD medications here. This chart shows the basic drug duration and side-effects for most ADHD medications   ADHD Drug Family ADHD Drug Duration Type Duration  Side Effects Amphetamine Stimulants Adderall Short 4-6 hours Some loss of …

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